[News] Lee Bum Soo, Kim So Yeon Park Min Young and got offer for 'Time Slip Dr Jin' confirmed to join.

[News] Lee Bum Soo, Kim So Yeon Park Min Young and got offer for 'Time Slip Dr Jin' confirmed to join.
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Upcoming MBC weekend drama Time Slip Dr Jin already secured 2 famous leading man, Song Seung Heon and Hero Jaejoong.

The drama soon will be crowded with another big names as Park Min Young and Kim So Yeon were offered the leading ladies roles.

Both girls confirmed that they received the offer but they still considered it.

Kim So Yeon – if she received the offer- will play a mysterious and attractive woman in Josoen era who owns the hearts of both Jin Hyuk (Song Seung heon) and Kim Kyung Tak (Jae Joong).

Park Min Young – if she received the offer- will play a dual role. One is the sister of Jin Hyuk in modern era, and a noble lady from royal family in Josoen era.

For 31-year-old Kim So Yeon, we think it’s a perfect role for her. A mysterious yet attractive woman is suit her character. And we also think that it’s perfect time for her to return to TV drama after Dr. Champ 2 years ago.

And for Park Min Young, a dual role is very challenging , but she’s also very capable of it. She will be fantastic to play a Josoen noble lady. But, if she agreed to play, it means that she starred as leading lady in 4 dramas in less than 2 years 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', City Hunter, Man of Honor and Time Slip Dr Jin.

A bit too much, doesn’t it ? People surely will get bored. We think she should press the brake a little while.

Meanwhile, Time Slip Dr Jin added Lee Bum Soo to the cast.

It will be Lee Bum Soo’s first attempt for historical drama. He will play Lee Ha Eung, a man who hides his identity as part of the Josoen royal family to save his life from Kim Kyung Tak. He blends with the lower classes but he has strong desire for the royal power. He finally manages to make his second son as the King. The character of Lee Ha Eung will show a little comic and charisma altogether.

It’s interesting to see 42-year-old Lee Bum Soo who always took the leading man roles in his last 3 dramas ( Giant, On Air, Salaryman ) is willing to play supporting role for Time Slip Dr Jin. His role must be very appealing.

Time Slip Dr Jin airs May 26.

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