[News] ‘SMAP x SMAP’ books to be released.

[News] ‘SMAP x SMAP’ books to be released.
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On April 20th, it has been reported Fuji TV’s popular variety show ‘SMAP x SMAP‘ will release books of the program history, named ‘SMAP x SMAP Shinbun Complete BOOK (a temporary title)’ on May 29th.

They will release a total of 5 books for one book each month, and the first issue will look back from 1996 to 1999 as well as a feature on Nakai Masahiro(39). ’SMAP x SMAP’ marks their 17th anniversary this year. They have broadcast a total of 746 episodes, and received an average viewer rating of 19.9%.

TV magazine Shukan TV Guide‘s popular series ‘SMAP x SMAP Shinbun‘ will be made into ‘SMAP x SMAP Shinbun Complete BOOK (a temporary title)’. The magazine marks the 50th anniversary of the first issue. Footage and photos of the cast shooting unknown episodes will be included. Additionally, they had a special round-table discussion to gather all 5 members for the history books.

‘SMAP x SMAP’ had released books for their popular segment ‘BISTRO SMAP‘ before, but it will be the first for them to issue books for the entire program.

Nakai stated, “I am sure everyone can enjoy the story and pictures of our old comedy characters like you enjoy nostalgic songs. I also want everyone to watch an evolved SMAP through these history books.”

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