[News] Actor Lee Wan is discharged from the army and reveals his favorite girl group.

[News] Actor Lee Wan is discharged from the army and reveals his favorite girl group.
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On April 23rd, actor Lee Wan was officially discharged from the army and returned to the arms of his fans at his discharge ceremony in Yongsan.

Hundreds of Japanese fans were reported to have gathered in the crowd to celebrate his return with his Korean fans and reporters. Unable to hide his joy, he smiled and laughed with the crowd before expressing, “I was only able to sleep about two hours last night, so I still feel a bit out of it. I really can’t believe I’m being discharged. I’ve always loved physical activities so I did a lot of sports during my service.”

When asked about his older sister, Kim Tae Hee, he answered, “I was hoping she’d come today, but she didn’t even know I was being discharged today when I called her. She kept talking about how she broke her computer instead. I served close to home, but she still didn’t come visit me often. Whether she lived near or far, I don’t think it would have mattered (laughter).”

He continued, “She did make my service a lot easier, though. I received about 2,000 copies of her autograph and gave them all out to my seniors and juniors. Thanks to her, my service went comfortably.”

As traditional of discharge ceremonies, Lee Wan was asked which girl group he liked the best, to which he replied, “I knew I’d be asked this so I thought about it. I like 2NE1, and I even had their picture up in my cubby. Park Bom is my favorite member, and she was a great source of strength during my service. I’d love to be able to greet her on broadcast someday.”

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