[News] Ella Chen: Hebe Tien is too rational to fall in love.

[News] Ella Chen: Hebe Tien is too rational to fall in love.
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The bride-to-be spills the beans on why Hebe is still single.

It has been a decade since Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. joined showbiz. While Ella Chen and Selina Jen have found the love of their life, Hebe Tien, the youngest member of the trio, remains a bachelorette, and is seldom caught in any romance rumours since her debut.

Ella, who will be tying the knot next month, is beginning to worry for her best friend. The Perfect Two star recently appeared on a radio show to share her love story, and interesting gossips about S.H.E. She also made a shout-out to her fellow group mate, Hebe Tien, saying, "Throw away your rationality and follow you heart!"

According to Ella, Hebe's relationship life is not smooth because she is too rational, while claiming that she and Selina are both "fools of love". She said, "Whenever we face a problem in our relationships, we will cry but Hebe will always be calm. This may be the reason why Selina and I are able to find love first."

Ella also revealed that that the three of them did not get along well when they first got together to form a group, but it was tolerance that held them together through the ten years.

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