[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon ordered to stand in front of classroom by college professor.

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon ordered to stand in front of classroom by college professor.
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2PM‘s Taecyeon has a college professor with a rather hilarious sense of humor.

The above photo surfaced on an online community site with the title, “Taecyeon who went to school to take a test returned home trifled.”

The smart phone screen capture revealed Taecyeon standing in front of a college classroom, sporting a ragged hairstyle. The netizen who posted the photo had written, “Ock Taecyeon came to school to take a test but the professor said, ‘What do you mean you’re going to take the test, you never even come to class. Just stand in the front so the kids can take some pictures [of you]‘ kekekeke. Ahh, an unkempt Taecyeon!”

Taecyeon who is currently attending Dankook University is known to be a sincere student. The professor only gave him a hard time because the two are rather friendly, and Taecyeon had been unable to attend class as of late due to 2PM’s overseas tour and his recent arm injury.

An adorably upset Taecyeon then tweeted in response to the news, “Ah, so upset! That was me actually trying to look fashionable because I was going to school T_T Is it because of my hair?? Kekekeke.”

Netizens who burst into laughter after seeing the photo also remarked, “Is that really Taecyeon? Looking at the cast, it must be”, “That professor is hilarious“, “The students were probably too busy laughing to take a test!”, and more.

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