[News] How does Park Min Young avoid the Sun?

[News] How does Park Min Young avoid the Sun?
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Pictures of actress Park Min Young trying to beat the heat while shooting a TV series in hot weather were recently released and drew a lot of attention.

The pictures were taken when Park was shooting MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin. In the pictures, even though Park is trying to avoid the sun in hot weather, her beautiful appearance still shines.

Park, who plays the role of an elegant and dignified lady named Hong Young Lae, is wearing a pink and orange hanbok. Unlike her character in the series, she is showing off her ingenious side and it attracted attention from the audience.

Park is trying to cover her face from the sun while making a sulky face in hot weather. She puts up an umbrella, drinks water, and holds a small portable fan to cool off. She looks lovely even when she is opening her mouth to let the fan wind blow inside.

People responded: “They way Park tires to avoid the sun is so cute!” “She is a queen of historical dramas. She’s always beautiful.” “She really looks good in a hanbok. She’s so pretty.” “Her sulky face looks pretty too.”

In the 5th episode of the series, which aired on June 9, she saved Song Seung Hun, who was infected with cholera, by giving him injections of Ringer’s solution in both his thighs.

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