[News] Lee Joon-ki reveals teaser for new TV series, says "going more romantic in new show".

[News] Lee Joon-ki reveals teaser for new TV series, says "going more romantic in new show".
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Korean actor Lee Joon-ki says he is expecting a deep romance to happen this summer.

About four months after confirming his cast in MBC's upcoming series "Arangsattojeon" (in Romanized Korean), Lee has finally opened up about the role he is playing and said it is going to be a romantic one for sure.

"One thing I can tell you is that since the series is a fantasy melodrama happening in the Joseon Dynasty, it'll show deeper romantic storylines than my previous works," the actor was quoted as saying in a press release sent by the broadcaster Monday.

"When I first took a look at the synopsis, I was instantly attracted to story's material that involves ghosts in a fantasy melodrama. I'm hoping the details in the story will take fresh approach to the audience."

Set to hit the airwaves in late July, Lee is playing the role of a district magistrate in the Joseon Dynasty who falls into a mysterious world after being spelled by a ghost he met out of nowhere.

Describing his character as "a person with a lot of wounds inside and appears cynical, but a warm-hearted man," the actor added that he hopes his romance with actress Shin Min-ah will bring some fun to the viewers.

Alongside the two popular actor and actress, teenage actor Yoo Seung-ho is to appear in the series as an emperor and director Kim Sang-ho of "Couple or Trouble"(MBC,2006) is behind the screen.

The "Iljimae" star debuted as a cover model for a clothing brand in 2001. After playing from small to big roles in a number of TV series and movies, the hit film "The King and the Clown" (2005) subsequently propelled him to instant fame.

His last project in the small screen, before serving the mandatory military service for two years, is MBC's "Hero" (2009-2010), in which he plays the male lead opposite actress Yoon So-yi.

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