[News] Song Chang Ui rejoins former agency.

[News] Song Chang Ui rejoins former agency.
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Song Chang Ui has re-signed an exclusive contract with WS Entertainment, which manages the careers of songstress Baek Ji-young and trio Wanted.

WS announced in a press release that Song, who was under the company's management bewteen 2006 and 2009, recently rejoined the firm based on his trust with the company and its C.E.O.

"We wanted to maintain our relationship with Song and it feels great to him back at WS. We'll support him in all aspects-- in acting, singing and musicals--and look forward to his upcoming activities in Japan and China," a rep from WS said in the statement.

Song started out in the entertainment business in 2002 through the Korean musical "Blue Saigon." Holding many popular TV series and movies under his belt, he shot to stardom by appearing in SBS' TV series "Golden Bride" in 2007.

The actor's recent works include JTBC's medical series "Syndrome," musical "ELISABETH" and he will reprise his role in musical "Gwanghwamun Love Song" from July 20 to August 5.

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