[Photo & News] Black dresses dominate the green carpet on opening day of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival.

[Photo & News] Black dresses dominate the green carpet on opening day of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival.
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The 25th Tokyo International Film Festival opened on October 20th and rolled out the green carpet for around 440 prominent guests who were welcomed with a flurry of camera flashes and loud cheers.

‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away‘ opened the festival right after the ceremony and their performers interpreted the green carpet as a green river as displaying a mini performance with a so-called ‘boat of dreams’. Their performance was the highlight on the green carpet alongside the 120-people strong line-up for ‘JAPAN IN A DAY‘, but of course all eyes also were on the stars and their choice of fashion for this event.

Many actresses tried to match with the black suits of the male guests going with a black dress this year, including Maeda Atsuko. This was Maeda Atsuko’s first international film festival in her career as an actress and she was also chosen as the ambassador for this event. She was wearing a black mini dress with ivory features and 10cm high heels, which made her look more mature compared to her days as an idol group member.

Kusakari Tamiyo (‘Tsui no Shintaku’) was escorted by her husband, director Suo Masayuki, and actor Yakusho Koji. She donned a long black dress with a low neckline and spaghetti straps that revealed a lot of her back. The dress accentuated her beautiful body line. Other actresses who sported black dresses were Aso Kumiko (‘Good Morning Everyone!’), Yoshitaka Yuriko (‘Yokomichi Yonosuke’), Yamada Yu (‘Tabi e no Okurimono Ashita e’), and Ueto Aya (navigator for ‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away’).

Of course there were also some actresses who picked more colorful dresses to please the eyes of spectators. Inoue Mao (‘Tsuna Hiichatta!’) impressed with a smoky pink dress and Ishihara Satomi (‘Karasu no Oyayubi’) picked a bright pink tube top and boot-cut one-piece dress. Shibasaki Kou (‘Su-chan Mai-chan Sawako-san’) wore one of the most original outfits that day with a black and white striped kimono and folded paper cranes as headdress. Ito Ayumi (‘KON-SHIN’) also wore a long-sleeved kimono.

The 25th Tokyo International Film Festival will last until the 28th and feature fifteen movies in the main competition. In total around 300 movies are going to be screened in a variety of categories including: ‘Special Screenings’, Film Panorama of Asia-Middle East’, ‘Japanese Eyes’, ‘WORLD CINEMA’, ‘natural TIFF’, and more.

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