[News] Cast members of “TOKYO AIRPORT” hold press conference at Haneda Airport.

[News] Cast members of “TOKYO AIRPORT” hold press conference at Haneda Airport.
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On October 9th, press conference for upcoming drama “TOKYO AIRPORT ~Tokyo Kukou Kansei Hoanbu~“, starring Fukada Kyoko, was held at Haneda Airport where the drama is set.

As we reported back in August, Fukada will play the protagonist ‘Shinoda Kaori’, the rookie air-traffic controller. It seems like Fukada is having a hard time portraying the role as she said, “There are too many things to learn including technical terms, motions of air planes, the runways and so on. So whenever I receive a new script, I have to make a thorough study of it.”

Fukada’s co-stars Sasaki Nozomi and Seto Koji, who also play air-traffic controllers, attended the press conference as well. Sasaki said, “I wonder when she memorizes all the lines that are long and include the technical terms. I am amazed by her.” Seto also praised Fukada saying, “Same as Sasaki-san, I take off my hat to her. I wonder when she actually sleeps. She is quite a tough person.”

Other cast members for the drama include Kaname Jun, Sato Eriko, Yamaguchi Sayaka, Nonami Maho, Asaka Kodai, Hiraoka Yuta, Bessho Tetsuya, Kajihara Zen, and Tokito Saburo.

“TOKYO AIRPORT ~Tokyo Kukou Kansei Hoanbu~” will start airing on the 14th on Fuji TV (every Sunday at 9:00 pm).

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