[News] Kim Tae Hee cast in her first historical drama, ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love’.

[News] Kim Tae Hee cast in her first historical drama, ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love’.
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On October 8th, the producers of SBS‘s upcoming historical drama, ‘Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love‘, have confirmed that actress Kim Tae Hee has been cast as the lead role of ‘Jang Hee Bin‘.

The story of Jang Hee Bin has been remade into countless movies and dramas over the years, all played by only the top stars of the industry. This drama makes Kim Tae Hee the ninth version of the character.

Producers stated, “‘Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love’ has reinterpreted Jang Hee Bin with a focus on her role as the lady-in-waiting to Queen Dowager Jangnyeol. In modern times, we would compare her role to that of a fashion designer. As Jang Hee Bin is already a character well known to the public through countless interpretations in different movies and dramas, we decided to look at her from a different angle. There will be a fresh change to the story.”

Other characters like ‘Sukjong’ and ‘Queen Inhyun’ will be given the same change in interpretation. Casting is still ongoing for the two characters.

Since her experience with the movie ‘The Restless‘, this is actually Kim Tae Hee’s first attempt at a historical drama. Fans will be happy to see her return to the smallscreen for the first time in two years since her 2011 drama, ‘My Princess‘.

The historical drama is slated to begin airing next March.

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