[News] The oldest kid actress Lee Jin in "The Great Seer".

[News] The oldest kid actress Lee Jin in "The Great Seer".
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Lee Jin seemed to be in playful mode in the SBS drama "The Great Seer".

Lee Jin is well known for her outstanding acts in child birth and crying recently in the drama "The Great Seer".

She takes on the younger role of Yeong-ji, a royal, dignified and strong character. On the actual set, Lee Jin is a very cheerful and playful person giving everyone something to laugh about.

When the 'cue' sign is up, Lee Jin transforms into a charismatic mode and focuses only in her character. When it's time for break, she becomes all cheery again.

In the picture revealed, Lee Jin is sticking out her tongue to the camera or puffing up her face. She is also dressed in a fancy royal Hanbok but drinking out of a paper cup with a straw at the same time.

Meanwhile, the third episode of "The Great Seer" showed Lee In-im (Jo Min-ki) trying to kill the baby of Yeong-ji (Lee Jin) and Dong-ryun (Choi Jae-woong). To be aired on the 17th at 9:55PM.

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