[News] So Ji-sub’s "A Company Man" Sold to 55 Countries.

[News] So Ji-sub’s "A Company Man" Sold to 55 Countries.
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Actor So Ji-sub’s actioner “A Company Man” is enjoying its great demand abroad.

Showbox, the movie’s distributor, said in a press release Thursday that 55 countries including Japan, China, France and Netherlands have purchased the distribution rights to "A Company Man."

The foreign buyers were highly attraction to the film due to its unique storyline, eye-catching action scenes and So’s sensitive depiction of his character, officials from Showbox explained.

The action-packed flick pivots around Ji Hyung-do [actor So], who has spent ten years as a member of a professional organization consisted of hitmans. However, he tries to quit his job against the company's pressure after being influenced by his junior worker La-hoon [ZE:A's Dong Jun].

"A Company Man," released on October 11, is currently competing against Lee Byung-hun's "Masquerade" and Ryoo Seung-bum's "Perfect Number" at the local box office.

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