[News] Song Hye-kyo's quiet Korean love.

[News] Song Hye-kyo's quiet Korean love.
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Song Hye-kyo started a Hangeul Application in celebration of 'Hangeul Day' on the 9th of October.

Professor Seo Kyeong-deok notified this fact on Twitter and claimed this application was started in a Korean gallery overseas.

"Duru Duru" can be downloaded for free on an Android phone. It will be open to iPhones next week.

Professor Seo praised Song Hye-kyo who is supporting her country quietly. He said, "I applaud Song Hye-kyo for her discreet contribution to the Korean language".

Previously, Song is known to have supplied 30,000 copies of a Korean guide book to celebrate the establishment of a provisional government in Shanghai. 10,000 copies were given to the provisional government, Yoon Bong-gil memorial and main government lodgings each.

Song Hye-kyo and professor Seo plan to contribute Korean guide books to the New York modern art museum and other international museums.

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