[Photo & News] 'Faith'episode 21, Choe Young confesses his love to Yoo Eun Soo.

[Photo & News] 'Faith'episode 21, Choe Young confesses his love to Yoo Eun Soo.
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In the episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith that aired on October 22, Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) dresses as a soldier of Goryeo and visits the military camp. “Excuse me, but I’m going to be a guest in your room for a while from now on,” she announces to Choe Young (played by Lee Min Ho) in a direct yet lovely way.

Embarrassed for a moment, the general feels happy about being with Yoo. Holding her hand amiably, Choe sits next to the doctor.

“First, I should find the antidote to your poison, and then when you’re safe enough from going to the heaven, I’ll ask you: Will you stay with me? If you’ll stay with me, I’ll keep you safe for the last of my life.”

Moved by his confession, Yoo shoots back with tears in her eyes: “It won’t be easy to keep me safe. Did you say for the rest of your life?” “Definitely. If I’m allowed to be with you, I’ll do everything to protect you for the rest of my life, not for just today or for a couple of days,” replies the general.

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