[News] 2AM's Seulong Says "I Read Newspaper Everyday to Act Out Character".

[News] 2AM's Seulong Says "I Read Newspaper Everyday to Act Out Character".
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2AM member Seulong has revealed the difficulties he had while portraying a character in his screening-debut political film.

Seulong confessed his endeavor that he even studied modern Korean history in order to better understand the character at a press conference for Korean political film "26 Years" held in Seoul, South Korea Thursday.

"As I am a young generation, I was not familiar with the historical event the movie covers. Therefore, I read newspaper everyday to act out my character," the singer-actor said.

The idol musician has expressed how he enjoyed studying politics, history, sociology and economics through newspaper.

Helmed by previous art director Cho Geun-hyeon of 2011 hit films “My Way” and “The Concubine,” the fictional movie is based on the tragic massacre happening in Gwangju, South Korea, 26 years ago.

Adapted from the web cartoon of the same name by Kang Full, the story centers around five ordinary people including a young policeman [played by Seulong] who team up for the same goal: avenge themselves on 'the man' who was in charge of the genocide.

The movie has been the talk of the town because the film producers had been greatly suffering financially in the pre-production stage due to its sensitive topic.

However, thanks to the more than 15,000 donators, over 700 million Korean won [around 650,000 U.S. Dollars] have been donated by people online for the movie to see the light.

Co-starring acclaimed actor Jin Goo and actress Han Hye-jin, the controversial film is to hit local theaters on November 29.

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