[News] Lee Tae Sung Announces His Marriage and Reveals He Has a Year-Old Son.

[News] Lee Tae Sung Announces His Marriage and Reveals He Has a Year-Old Son.
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Actor Lee Tae Sung announced he′ll be getting married, when it turns out he already is.

On November 22, Lee Tae Sung tweeted, "I think finally the moment has come. I′m sorry it took so long for me to let you know. I′m getting married! I′ll continue to work hard with your congratulations and your warm understanding."

The news soon spread about his upcoming wedding. His marriage with his wife, a woman seven years older than him, was already registered in April 2012, and the couple even has a year-old son.

The annoucement is fairly ironic as the 27-year-old Lee Tae Sung is known for often acting with women older than him.

For example, he started off with his 2005 film Blossom Again, acting with the now-36-year-old Kim Jung Eun, and continued to act with such older stars as Lee Bo Young (33) in Love Cheer and Jung Yu Mi (29) in Rooftop Prince.

Lee Tae Sung′s agency stated through a press release on November 23 that "the bride who gained Lee Tae Sung′s heart is seven years older than him, and is a pretty and smart non-celebrity. She started off her beautiful relationship with Lee Tae Sung three years ago after meeting him through an acquaintance while she was preparing to travel overseas for her studies. The two have a year-old son between them."

The couple is married, but never held a wedding ceremony.

Lee Tae Sung himself revealed through the press release why he came to announce his marriage so late, and why the couple never got their wedding.

"While we were planning our marriage, we came to know of [my wife′s] pregnancy. We pushed back the wedding to care for her health," he explained. "Also, my grandmother, who loved me so much, was admitted to the hospital, and as soon as my son was born she passed away. My grandfather passed away this year also. We postponed the wedding even further because we heard that weddings shouldn′t be held in the same year a funeral took place."

Lee Tae Sung emphasized, "I will live happily with my family, with my loving wife and my son."

The couple′s wedding ceremony is to take place in March 2013.

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