[News] 2PM makes Tower Records history.

[News] 2PM makes Tower Records history.
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2PM has set a new record at Japanese retail giant Tower Records’ store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The band’s fourth Japanese single “Beautiful” has become the store’s best-selling single.

Shibuya is the Tower Records flagship store and attracts the highest number of music lovers.

The group visited the store on Thursday to express its gratitude toward its fans for purchasing the single.

The Korean group impressed many by speaking in Japanese.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized by one of the biggest record stores in the world,” it said.

The band also promised that it will strive to keep producing good music.

The group is promoting its latest single “Masquerade” and many are wondering if the band’s fifth single will top “Beautiful” after the new single went on to become second-most-sold on the Oricon weekly chart. To date, it’s sold 130,000 copies.

Next month the group will perform for fans in Indonesia, Taiwan and Macau.

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