[News] ‘City Conquest’ Nam Goong Min Miss Korea Pose?


[News] ‘City Conquest’ Nam Goong Min Miss Korea Pose?
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Nam Goong Min’s ‘Miss Korea Pose’ photo was revealed.

On the upcoming 2013 KBS drama “City Conquest,” Nam Goong Min made a pose that was reminiscent of the Miss Korea beauty pageant.

In the photo, Nam Goong Min is posing in front of a building in Dobu World Square Miniature Park in Japan. He’s wearing a dandy dress shirt and white pants.

He seems to have lost weight and also matured more as an actor and his pose, on the other hand, is comical in nature and entertained many fans.

Internet users said, “He’s so cute!” “He has so many other charms!” “Miss Korea force!”

“City Conquest” will also star Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Young Ho and many others and is already drawing a lot of attention for its plot about the friendship between two men and how they will fight against the evil in society.

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