[News] Cyndi Wang receives diamond ring from fan.

[News] Cyndi Wang receives diamond ring from fan.
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The Taiwanese singer revealed that a middle-aged fan once gave her a diamond ring as a gift.

Taiwanese pop princess Cyndi Wang, who is set to release her latest album Love? Or Not? on November 30, revealed that the inspiration for one of the songs in her new album titled Anonymous Consolation came from a middle-aged male fan.

According to the singer, said fan has almost never missed a single event that she attended in China, and has always prepared local products as gifts for her. There was once when he hid a box wrapped with newspapers, among his usual presents for her.

The 30-year-old did not realize that the box contained a diamond ring worth NT $100,000 (S$4,200) until she returned to the hotel. Cyndi asked her manager to return the ring immediately, insisting that she would not accept such expensive gifts that are meant for the fan's girlfriend or wife.

However, when she met the fan again, he said, "I just want to give Cyndi a gift that she would remember. I doubt I'd have a chance to give anybody a diamond ring in this lifetime." His words were said to have moved the singer greatly.

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