[News] Andy Lau is addicted to being a judge?

[News] Andy Lau is addicted to being a judge?
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The heavenly king expressed his hope to remain part of the Golden Horse Awards committee next year.

After the 49th Golden Horse Awards ceremony concluded last Saturday, Hong Kong veteran star Andy Lau confessed that despite the immense pressure from heading the judging committee, he is keen to resume the post.

The “heavenly king” spent 10 days in Taiwan reviewing a total of 36 nominated films, and held a meeting with all members of the panel on the night before the award ceremony. He joked that he annoyed the rest of the judges by asking each of them to tell him their favourite nominees and the reasons for their choices.

Andy Lau’s dedication and professionalism towards his work has always been respected. He shared that though it was stressful, being on the judging panel this time was a learning journey that would benefit him for a long time to come.

As he was less familiar with the technical awards prior to this, he now has a better understanding and recommended fellow actors to join the committee if given the opportunity.

When asked if he were ‘addicted’ to being a judge, he nodded strongly, “Yes!” The 51-year-old also expressed his desire to attend next year’s Golden Horse Awards.

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