[News] Goo Soo, Han Hyo-joo Ask to Dial “Love 911”.

[News] Goo Soo, Han Hyo-joo Ask to Dial “Love 911”.
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Korean actor Goo Soo and actress Han Hyo-joo have held a romantic talk concert to introduce their forthcoming romance film “Love 911.”

The pair and main cast members revealed their behind-the-scene episodes during the special event in a mixed format of a mini-concert and a talk show, held at Konkuk University’s New Millenium Hall in Seoul, Korea on Tuesday night.

Along with the pic’s director Jung Ki-hoon, the couple open their hearts and shared the wisdom of life to heal the young audiences’ hearts, just like their movie does.

They talked on the matters including how to spend one’s youth with no regret, how to start dating for the non-experienced and what can people do when they can’t find jobs.

“Love 911” is a romantic story of Fire fighter Gang-il [played by Goo] who lost his wife and doctor Mi-soo [Han] who does not open her mind after the medical accident. The two who carries the scars from the past slowly begin to heal through each other as they open their minds.

Helmed by director Jung of tear-staining pic "Goodbye Mom" (2009), the healing movie is slated to knock on the moviegoers’ hearts from December 19.

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