[News] Han Hyo-joo Fall in Love with Indie Musicians.

[News] Han Hyo-joo Fall in Love with Indie Musicians.
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Han Hyo-joo of mega-hit film “Masquerade” and Shin Se-gyoung of SBS’ series “Fashion King” have picked out indie musicians as their respective musical partners.

Han and indie band Broccoli you too is releasing a digital single “Hide-and-seek” [translated title] on November 21, a PR rep from Han’s agency BH Entertainment told the magazine Wednesday.

“She has been a big fan of the band and they considered this is a good chance to make music together with sympathy on each other’s work,” the official explained.

The “Dong Yi” heroine has previously worked with other indie musicians. She participated in two duet songs, one with No Reply at 2010 Grand Mint Festival and the other with indie soloist My Q at his fourth album dropped last year.

In the meantime, Shin and singer-songwriter Cha Se-jung’s project band Epiton Project are to drop their duet carol song on November 29, their respective agencies said Wednesday.

Shin has been also fond of the band’s music and asked Cha to work together, giving a birth to the rhythmical Christmas-mood tune about sweet love between a couple.

The pair recorded the duet song at a recording studio in Seoul last Tuesday in an intimate atmosphere that they shortened the scheduled recording time in half, the official said.

The “Return to Base” starlet has dropped her first song “You Were Sweet” [translated title] featuring female indie duo Sweden Laundry last June as the local coffee shop dal.komm COFFEE’s musical project,.

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