[News] “The Horse Doctor” Pulls off 6th Consecutive Win.

[News] “The Horse’s Doctor” Pulls off 6th Consecutive Win.
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MBC series “The Horse Doctor” has stayed strong atop the Monday and Tuesday primetime ratings chart.

The Cho Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won starrer attained its sixth straight win on the chart with an average rating of 16.2 percent during the week of November 19 and 20, according to data polled by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics] Wednesday.

The historical drama captured the TV audience this week by portraying a former veterinarian Baek Gwang-hyeon [played by Cho] treating a dying patient with acupuncture.

With a pretty big gap with the elusive chart-topper, KBS “Ohlala Couple” kept its runner-up title for the sixth week in a row after garnering 8.9 percent of the total viewers during the same time period.

The Kim Jung-eun and Shin Hyun-joon starrer, which will end its run next week, heightened the tension of the story by showing female lead Na Yeo-ok [Kim] getting liver cancer.

Sitting at the last position is SBS drama “THE LORD OF THE DRAMA,” which registered 8.2 percent of the audience tuned in.

In the meantime, AGB Nielson Research’s data showed the three dramas with similar figures from the TNmS’ during the fourth week of November.

While “The Horse Doctor” dominated the chart with an average rating of 18.0 percent, “Ohlala Couple” and “THE LORD OF THE DRAMA” followed next with 8.5 and 8.0 percent, respectively.

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