[News] The “hottest” TVB artistes in China.

[News] The “hottest” TVB artistes in China.
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These TVB artistes have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the competitive showbiz industry in China!

Hong Kong TVB has always been popular for its top-rated drama series. Their homegrown artistes are also well-loved by the audience in the Asia region. TVB artistes have since been highly sought after by the Chinese producers in order to obtain top sponsorships and ratings for the production company.

However, many TVB artistes have been exploring greater opportunities overseas, and they are gradually diverting their entertainment careers to the China market.

They have mentioned that working in China is much better than in Hong Kong. The artistes are earning many times more than their current paychecks at TVB. In addition, they have more time to rest and manage their personal lives.

Is the grass greener on the "outside world"?

Click through the gallery to check out which TVB artiste is currently "a hot item" in the China entertainment industry.

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