[News] Jung Il Woo releases a poster for his Taiwanese fan meeting.

[News] Jung Il Woo releases a poster for his Taiwanese fan meeting.
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Actor Jung Il Woo is receiving a lot of attention by releasing a poster for his first Taiwanese fan meeting.

Jung’s agency, Soop Entertainment, released the poster, which features Jung, for his Taiwanese fan meeting on November 1.

In the poster, Jung is posing for the camera with the written title ‘The promise of the first snow.’ His emotional eyes and handsome appearance captured the public’s attention.

Jung says, “I heard that there is no snow in Taiwan. I think the ‘first snow’ will make the Taiwanese fans excited.”

On November 3, the tickets for the fan meeting will be on sale starting at 11:00 a.m. through 7-eleven. He will promote the fan meeting with local buses and posters.

A local official says, “Many people asked us about the fan meeting last week. Since it will be the first fan meeting in Chinese-speaking countries, fans are paying a lot of attention to him. We are preparing everything we can prior to the ticket opening.”

The fan meeting will be held on December 8 at Neo Studio in Taiwan.

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