[News] Jung Woo-sung to be Kang Ho-dong’s first guest.

[News] Jung Woo-sung to be Kang Ho-dong’s first guest.
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Hallyu heartthrob Jung Woo-sung is set to be comedian Kang Ho-dong’s first guest on the first comeback episode of “Knee-drop Guru.”

According to a source from MBC on Nov. 5, Jung will take part in recording the episode on Nov. 23, generating much buzz, as Jung is usually quite reluctant to appear on talk shows.

“As the first episode back for Kang, we wanted a guest with much impact,” said the MBC representative.

As Jung is friends with Kang, the TV show host personally asked Jung to take part and the latter agreed.

Jung’s last TV talk show appearance was back in 2008. Meanwhile, Kang has been making headlines lately, returning to TV after a yearlong hiatus following tax evasion charges.

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