[News] Kim Hyung-joon to Hit Japan with Korean Romantic Drama 'I Love You / 그대를 사랑합니다 '.

[News] Kim Hyung-joon to Hit Japan with Korean Romantic Drama 'I Love You / 그대를 사랑합니다 '.
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Singer and actor Kim Hyung-joon is flying to Japan to appreciate drama fans’ support for his latest starrer “I Love You.”

According to Kim’s agency S Plus Entertainment, the former SS501 member is to attend Japanese channel KNTV’s Drama Parade Special Event, set to open at Nagoya’s Chunichi Theatre on November 17.

Following the preview session of romantic drama, originally aired on SBS Plus between April and June this year, Kim is going to have meet-and-greet with lucky fans, the agency added.

“I Love You,” a TV series installation of famous web-toon of the same name, has kicked off its air in Japan on November 5. Kim's first small screen project “The Shining Girl” (KBS Drama, 2012) had hit the same channel in March.

In the old romanticists’ tale, Kim depicted one-time rebel Jeong Min-chae, who just finished his mandatory two-year military service, gradually falling in love with Kim Yuna [played by Kim Yun-seo].

Kim, who made his debut as the youngest member of boy band SS501 in 2005, released the first solo mini-album "My Girl" in March 2011 and expanded his career into small screen by starring in “The Shining Girl” early this year.

As a singer, Kim made his comeback to the local music scene with the release of his second solo album "ESCAPE" in early July.

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