[News] Kim Jung Eun Gifts Entire Set of ‘Ohlala Couple’ With Sneakers.

[News]     Kim Jung Eun Gifts Entire Set of ‘Ohlala Couple’ With Sneakers
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Kim Jung Eun has shown her gratitude and appreciation for her fellow drama staff members.

It was revealed actress Kim Jung Eun recently made a surprise gift to the entire staff and cast members of her ongoing KBS drama, Ohlala Couple. With all the crew tirelessly shooting through the cold weather and late hours, Kim Jung Eun decided to try and boost the morale of the drama by gifting 100 pairs of sneakers to the entire set. 

The act of kindness came as a surprise for everyone as one staff member shared, “Kim Jung Eun definitely is an actress whose heart is just as beautiful as her.”

Her representatives also added, “Kim Jung Eun was very happy she was able to express her thanks and feels delighted as well.

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