[News] Lee Min Ho says, “I’ve never expected such popularity in China”.

[News] Lee Min Ho says, “I’ve never expected such popularity in China”.
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Lee Min Ho candidly shared about his popularity in China.
In a recent photo session and interview with the magazine @star1, Lee said, “I’ve never expected to receive such great love in China.”

Recently, the star has become popular with the TV series Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter in China, and he now becomes known as the best Hallyu star.

Lee said, “So far, only romantic and comedy Korean TV series attracted attention abroad because they could easily make a bond of sympathy with people from other countries. But I’m quite surprised that the action-based TV series, City Hunter, could gain such popularity in China.”

About his further activities abroad, he said, “I don’t have any biased conceptions about shooting Korean or other foreign works. If certain work has good quality and there is a character I want to play, I think it’s already attractive in its own way.

If the work has a good quality, it doesn’t matter which country makes it.”
The December issue of @star1 was released on November 21 and the copies were immediately sold out on the next day on the internet bookstores.

A representative of the magazine said, “Only a small portion of hard copies are available on the newsstand of some subway stations in Seoul and GS25 convenient stores for now.

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