[News] Kim Min-jong from 20 years ago.

[News] Kim Min-jong from 20 years ago.
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Everyone is talking about Kim Min-jong 20 years ago.

These pictures are of MC Kim Min-jong in the new Story On Channel road show "Kim Soo-ro and Kim Min-jong's My Queen".

In the picture, Kim is showing off clear complexion and features 20 years ago, which compared with today's pictures, doesn't seem to be any different.

Kim is standing MC for a TV program that travels all over the world meeting 'Korean Queens' who distinguish themselves in various areas with his known best friend Kim Soo-ro. This program is expected to show off the scenery of the countries and places they visit while they deliver the stories of the 'Queens' they meet.

Netizen's say, "Does he travel through time?", "He looks young forever", "He's much more mature looking now" and more.

"Kim Soo-ro and Kim Min-jong's My Queen" will be seen for the first time on the 28th of November on Story On at 11PM.

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