[VOD & News] ‘Night People’ full trailer released.

[VOD & News] ‘Night People’ full trailer released.
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A full trailer for the upcoming hard-boiled thriller ‘Night People’ was recently released on its official website.
As reported with the announcement of the movie on November 8th, ‘Night People’ is based on a short story titled ‘Tokai no Yajuu‘ from one of award-winning author Osaka Go’s early collections of short stories ‘Joujou Kanteinin‘. It’s a thrilling story that revolves around a stolen sum of money of 200,000,000 Yen (2.5 million USD).

Sato Eriko plays ‘Moeko’, a puzzling woman who suddenly appears in the bar of ‘Shinji’, played by actor Kitamura Kazuki. ‘Shinji’ is completely captivated by this woman, and before he knows it, he’s already wrapped around her finger. Sugimoto Tetta makes the very unique and distinct trio of actors complete as an elusive and ominous detective. Moreover it features plenty of gunfights and various homages to genre paragons such as Barry Gifford and Naito Chin.

‘Night People’ is going to hit selected theaters in early spring 2013.

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