[News] Han Hyo Joo talks about a kissing scene on the movie 'Love 911'.

[News] Han Hyo Joo talks about a kissing scene on the movie 'Love 911'.
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Actress Han Hyo Joo recently talked about a kissing scene that she recorded for the movie Love 911.

On December 3, Han attended a press conference, which was held at the CGV in Seoul, for the movie and said that she took an active kissing scene.

Han played the role of a girl named Mi Soo, who expresses her affection towards Kang Il (played by Ko Soo) actively. She kisses Kang Il first and Han said it was a new experience for her.

Han said, “I think it is unusual for a woman kissing a man first especially in a melodrama. I kissed the male character first and it was very new to me. I realized that kind of woman really exist.”

Ko Soo, who was led by Han, said, “She gives me a kiss and since she is more active, I was worried how to react while shooting the kissing scene.”

The movie is about a firefighter named Kang Il, who has lost his wife and a doctor named Mi Soo, who faces crisis in her life because of malpractice. The movie will be released on December 19.

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