[News] ‘I Miss You’ Inches Closer to Number One.

[News] ‘I Miss You’ Inches Closer to Number One.
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The gap becomes smaller and smaller between KBS’ Jeon Woochi and MBC’s I Miss You.

After taking KBS’ Nice Guy′s place, Jeon Woochi was able to take on some of the former drama′s popularity, and debuted at number one.

But while I Miss You fell behind initially, after switching to the adult actors, and the story getting more and more intense, the ratings jumped for the MBC drama.

Now the difference between first and second place is only 1.1 percent.

Perhaps by Thursday, we may have a new number one drama in our hands.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1.KBS Jeon Woochi 12.1 percent
2.MBC I Miss You 11.0 percent
3.The Great Seer 7.9 percent

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