[News] Kim Jae Joong′s Fanclub Donates 10.8 Million Won Under Kim Jae Joong′s Name.

[News] Kim Jae Joong′s Fanclub Donates 10.8 Million Won Under Kim Jae Joong′s Name. 
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Kim Jae Joong′s fans gave warmth to those in need under their star′s name.

According to The Beautiful Foundation on December 23, Kim Jae Joong′s fanclub ′Harsh Herose Sisters′ visited the ′I am Against′ campaign, a campaign that protests against the unfair meal fees distributed to children held in facilities, held on December 22 to donate 10.8 million won.

The campaign attempts to draw more funds to the meal fees distributed to children, which is currently set at a mere 1,420 won per meal. It donates what the fund lacks and pushes change in future governmental policies. The Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends 3,500 won to be spent per meal for an adequate one, yet children held in facilities are given less than half the required amount. The government recently merely chose to raise its aid by 100 won, to make a total of 1,520 won.

Harsh Herose Sisters donated 10.8 million won, earned from selling its ′Herose Goods′, to The Beautiful Foundation, asking it to "help children in facilities get the equal lunch they need."

Chairman Ye Jong Seok of The Beautiful Foundation told enews on December 23, "For The Beautiful Foundation, Kim Hyun Joong′s fanclub ′Come Down with Ji Hoo, Hyun Joong′ put together a ′Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship Fund′ to help support neglected children in February 2010, while 21 members of Lee Hyori′s fanclub and Lee Hyori visited senior citizens living alone, volunteering to help them, in December 2011. Recently fans have not only been donating funds, but also helping with volunteer work or donating in the name of their stars, pointing fanclub culture in the right direction."

Harsh Herose Sisters has also previously set up a ′Kim Jae Joong Boomerang Scholarship Fund′ with 15 million won last year, in order to help high school students from low-income families attend school.

The I am Against campaign will continue until late January. Donations are being accepted through The Beautiful Foundation′s webpage.

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