[News] Lee Joon Gi to Release Sequel to Korean Language Book.

[News] Lee Joon Gi to Release Sequel to Korean Language Book.
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Lee Joon Gi’s next work won’t be found in movie theaters or on television but in book stores.

Lee Joon Gi is set to release his book, Hello Korean with Lee Joon Gi next month.

The book comes three years after Lee Joon Gi′s first Korean language book.

Within the new book, Lee Joon Gi wrote in the introduction, “In the first book, I presented it with a light heart like a surprise present to fans. For this second book, I felt the passion of those learning Korean, so there was some pressure."

He continued, “As a foreign language, the Korean language may be easy to begin learning but difficult to master fluently. I hope I can be by the side to provide fun and rest for those having difficulties learning Korean.”

The new book will focus on teaching Korean phrases that will be useful in everyday situations, and includes careful explanations on grammar, common vocabulary words and more. It also includes a listening portion, that pushes the learner to think and apply.

Hello Korean with Lee Joon Gi will be printed in Korean, Mandarin, English and Japanese and will be available for preorders beginning on December 26 while the book itself will be released on January 10. A luxury edition of the book in all four languages will be released in March.

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