[News] Kim Tae-hee at the library.

[News] Kim Tae-hee at the library.
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Actress Kim Tae-hee was seen at a university library, squatting down.

This picture of her was posted online saying, “Will Kim Tae-hee look like this if she was seen at school?”

In the picture, Kim Tae-hee is at a school library dressed as a university student. She is holding an electronic dictionary in her hands with earphones in her ears. This was taken during an ad she did for an electronic product.

Netizen’s say, “If there was someone like that there everyday then I would be there everyday”, “She makes me want to study” and more.

Kim Tae-hee is currently making the drama “Jang Ok-jeong Lives in Love” which is being aired in March next year.

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