[VOD & Interview] I Am Not Bad, Natthew.

[VOD & Interview] I Am Not Bad, Natthew. 
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Natthew. This rare name successfully grabbed our attention. Even after we saw him dance to his single She′s Bad with B2ST′s Yong Jun Hyung, we thought he would be a boy that′s just like every other. We were wrong.
 I am the winner of Thailand′s ′Academy Fantasia 5′.

I′ve seen that Superstar K is popular in Korea.

In Thailand there′s also an audition show with a similar format, called Academy Fantasia.

At first I was a mere viewer who thought the show was fun, but later on I started to feel I wanted to compete. At first I auditioned for the fourth season but I was eliminated. I didn′t give up, though. (Laugh) Thankfully, I won the fifth season.

I′m originally a ballad singer.

When I was in Thailand I only sang ballads, and danced a little for my concerts. I did learn how to dance before coming to Korea, but I′m not very good at it. It′s fun but it′s also hard. That′s why I practice every day.

While I was practicing for my debut I felt I′m really bad; I couldn′t even get the order straight. Still, I′m becoming better at it.

I want to be the next Nichkhun.

When I was filming Dream Team, a staff member told me that he likes working with Thai people. I asked him why, and he said that he got a good impression of Thai people through Nichkhun.

I was proud of him as a fellow Thai citizen. I want to become an artist who other people want to work with, like Nichkhun.

My parents and sisters are all fans of Korean dramas.

I have a big sister and a little sister, and they, along with my mother, are all big fans of Korean dramas. They′re very supportive of my being active in Korea, and they′ve showed their support.

My sisters especially think it′s amazing. My family liked the dramas Dream High and My Girl, and Hyun Bin′s last drama Secret Garden.

My personality is not bad!

I′m pretty shy. I′m friendly, and I′m pretty laid back too. I′m completely different from how I look when I sing my promotional single She′s Bad. It′s great to become close with others, but I feel embarrassed when I have to open up about myself from the start.

′ㅈ′ is the hardest to pronounce.

Whenever I say ′joayo (great)′, everyone around me keeps laughing. My Korean teacher always points it out to me too. It′s the hardest to pronounce. They say ′ㅈ′ makes a similar sound as the letter ′J′ in English, but it′s not easy because the sound is not often used in Thailand. One day I want to say ′joayo′ without making it sound awkward. (Laugh)
 I love bibimbap and bulgogi.

I can′t eat spicy foods that well. Since Korea has a lot of spicy and salty foods I try to choose the least spicy dish when I order food. If it′s not too spicy, I think Korean food is pretty good. I like bibimbap and bulgogi the best!

I like girls like Girls′ Generation′s Taeyeon more than bad girls.

I′ve never fallen in love with bad girls. I like small and cute girls. I saw Taeyeon at her concert in Thailand and she was really pretty. I didn′t get to say hi; I′m just happy I got to see her up close. (Laugh)

Yong Jun Hyung is a skilled musician.

Yong Jun Hyung helped out with She′s Bad. Actually, before we came to work together, whenever I saw B2ST perform I thought they are very skilled artists. Their charisma onstage is overwhelming. After working with him I felt that he′s very passionate, and that I have a lot to learn from him.

I performed at ′2012 MAMA (2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards)′.

I performed at 2012 MAMA held in Hong Kong. I was always interested in MAMA, since I can see artists I′ve never seen up close before. I was happy and nervous to be performing on that stage, so [before the performance] I always listened to and sang She′s Bad. I cared a lot for the performance because it was a global stage. I took medicine I heard is good for my throat, and tried to keep myself in top condition.
When I′m good at Korean I want to try acting.

In Thailand, I used to appear in movies and musicals too, and like I said before, I′m interested in Korean dramas. Now, though, I′m worried about the language, especially the pronunciation. I can barely say hello, and I just try to guess what people are saying in context. I′ll study Korean, and if I get the opportunity I want to try acting.

Thailand vs Korea

I think the broadcasting environment is similar. I guess the only difference is in language? The fans′ reactions are similar also. They scream when their favorite singer comes out, and they cheer. Korean fans are famous for singing along to the songs being performed; teenage Thai fans also memorize the lyrics to songs they like and follow along.

I don′t want to be a one-time foreign singer.

My debut in Korea is a big chance for me to grow, since I can experience more and learn more. I don′t want to be taken as a foreign singer that just happened to visit Korea once in the Korean public′s eyes.

I want to be recognized as a singer. I hope there will be more chances for me to meet Korean fans. If I could become a singer that positively affects cultural exchanges between Korea and Thailand, that would be even better!

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