[News] Ariel Lin to visit future in-laws with her family.

[News] Ariel Lin to visit future in-laws with her family.
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The Taiwanese actress reveals that both families would be exchanging new year greetings in the coming Lunar New Year.

Ariel Lin revealed that she would be visiting her boyfriend’s house during the Lunar New Year, and hints at the possibility of a sudden marriage between them.

When asked about her plans for Valentine’s Day this year, the 30-year-old told reporters at a Godiva event on Tuesday that her boyfriend, who is currently overseas, might not be back home in time for celebrations.

The actress also shared that her family would meet up with her boyfriend’s family to exchange Lunar New Year greetings. Ariel would then visit her boyfriend’s house again on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, which coincides with Valentine’s Day.

Ariel, who has been seeing her current beau for more than a year, also brought up that she might “tie the knot anytime”.

Scheduled to start work on the third day of the Lunar New Year, Ariel shyly added that she would try to adjust her schedule with her manager in order to make time for her relationship without compromising on work.

When asked to guess the present she would receive from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, Ariel replied with a smile that she has “no idea”.

However, she revealed that her boyfriend once gave her a full set of scuba diving equipment. She even went for diving lessons after that, and has successfully passed the beginner’s stage.

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