[News] "Cheongdamdong Alice" Kim Ji-suk-I claims Moon Geun-young is fun.

[News] "Cheongdamdong Alice" Kim Ji-suk-I claims Moon Geun-young is fun.
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Actor Kim Ji-suk-I pointed out that Moon Geun-young is a fun girl.

SBS "Good Morning" broadcasted a special on "Cheongdam-dong Alice".

When the crew asked him how the atmosphere on set was, Kim Ji-suk-I answered, "All the cast are close and friendly so it's always good".

"I think the set here in top 3 of all the dramas I've been in. It's cold and I'm sleepy but everyone gets along really well".

He pointed out Moon Geun-young as the most fun person of all. He explained that she never forgot to smile.

The actor and actresses seemed to go over NG's with laughs and smiles.

Meanwhile, "Cheongdamdong Alice" is a pleasurable drama that retraces the meaning of wealth and marriage with Han Se-kyeong (Moon Geun-young) attempting to get married into a rich family.

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