[News] Shin So Yul says, “Cheongdamdong Alice is now over. I’m sad”.

[News] Shin So Yul says, “Cheongdamdong Alice is now over. I’m sad”.
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Actress Shin So Yul’s handwriting was recently released.

On January 27, Shin uploaded two pictures on her Twitter account with the comment, “The last episode of Cheongdamdong Alice will air tonight. I’m so sad. Thank you so much for watching the drama series. Please watch the last episode tonight, as well.”

In one of the pictures, Shin is smiling at the camera, holding an employee ID card issued by Artemis, a company she’s working for in the drama series Cheongdamdong Alice.

Shin also uploaded a handwritten message that writes, “Cheongdamdong Alice is now over. Good-bye, Ah Jung. Thank you so much.” Along with the message, she showed off her friendship with actress Moon Geun Young, who appeared as Shin’s close friend in the series, by writing, “Se Kyung, I miss you already.”

People who saw the pictures responded: “Shin So Yul’s handwriting is as cute as her face.” “I really enjoyed watching Cheongdamdong Alice.” “I hope to see Shin So Yul in another drama series.”

SBS TV’s drama series Cheongdamdong Alice ended on January 27.

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