[News] Jang Na Ra denies rumors that she is dating Kim Nam Gil.

[News] Jang Na Ra denies rumors that she is dating Kim Nam Gil.
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Singer and actress Jang Na Ra has issued a statement on January 2nd, denying that she is dating actor Kim Nam Gil following reports that speculated that they were a couple.

Jang Na Ra had earlier picked up a Miniseries Excellence award for 'School 2013' at the '2012 KBS Drama Awards. To commemorate her win, Kim Nam Gil had specially catered a meal truck for the 'School 2013' production team at their film set, allowing everyone to enjoy a meal together.

Netizens were dumbfounded after learning of this news, as there were no indication whatsoever that they had a close relationship before this, and thus the 'dating rumors' started to go into overdrive.

But Jang Na Ra's management agency has denied the dating rumors by stating through its official blog, "Their relationship has always been this good. To show his support for Jang Na Ra, Kim Nam Gil made a trip to the film set of 'School 2013' and even called for a meal truck."

A related insider expressed, "When Jang Nara heard that Kim Nam Gil was coming, she immediately went to welcome him, and bowed respectfully to him. Kim Nam Gil had previously starred in KBS 2TV 'School in 1999, and to Jang Nara, he is like a big senior to her. So Jang Na Ra has often gone to Kim Nam Gil for guidance."

In addition, Kim Nam Gil is also the senior of Choi Daniel, so the 3 can be seen chatting often in the waiting room, and have heart-to-heart conversations.

The insider added, "Many have expressed their suspicion of their relationship through SNS, but this is only a mere treat from Kim Nam Gil who is reminiscing about his past memories of filming 'School' in the past. So we hope that everyone can just treat this normally and not jump to conclusions."

Meanwhile, Jang Na Ra and Choi Daniel is currently starring as home teachers Jung Jae In and Kang Se Chan respectively of 'Year 2, Class 2' in 'School 2013' and getting lots of love from viewers.

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