[News] Jin Goo Explains Why He Hasn′t Been In Many Dramas.

[News] Jin Goo Explains Why He Hasn′t Been In Many Dramas. 
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Jin Goo emphasized he′s open to any new offers from dramas.

The actor appeared at the press conference for the upcoming KBS2 drama Advertisement Genius, Lee Tae Baek held on January 30.

He said about the reason he hadn′t often appeared in dramas, "The reason I haven′t been in many dramas isn′t because I avoid dramas, but because I wasn′t given any chances. If I can be of any help to the piece, I will appear in it whether it be a drama, film, play or musical."

Then how did he come to appear in this particular piece?

Jin Goo answered, "A great staff team and great cast held out their hand to me, so that′s how I came to appear. Advertisements are supposed to be innovative and creative, and need to express what you′ve never thought of in a new way. I think I was cast because I wouldn′t be such an old face in the scene."

Director Park Gi Ho said about his casting decision, "I wanted to emphasize a humane and warm mood, and the producers agreed that Jin Goo would fit nicely and go well with the character named Lee Tae Baek."

Jin Goo will be appearing in the drama as the lead Lee Tae Baek, a genius art director. He dropped out of a local university, but his passion toward advertisements is rivaled by no other.

The actor said about his resemblance to his role, "Jin Goo is also hardworking in what he loves, so much that he can be called idiotic at times. Lee Tae Baek loves his family and friends, as well as his work. This resembles my own personality."

Advertisement Genius, Lee Tae Baek is based on the true story of Lee Jae Suk, an advertiser who has taken over many international advertisement festivals. It will air its first episode on February 4.

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