[News] Kang Ji Hwan Finalizes His Return In 'Money Incarnate'.

[News] Kang Ji Hwan Finalizes His Return In 'Money Incarnate'.
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Kang Ji-hwan has finalized his appearance in the drama ‘Money Incarnate’ admist his conflict with his management.

SBS has reported on 5th that “we have finalized Kang Ji-hwan as the lead Lee Cha-don in the drama ‘Money Incarnate’”.

Lee Cha-don is a prosecutor in Seoul’s Central District Court. Harboring a wound from his youth, he rises to become a prosecutor through black money, and becomes a ‘money incarnate’, using his considerable genius to fill his endless desires.

Lee Cha-don, however, is reminded of a new virtue of justice when his wound comes back from his past. Living a new life, he is torn between his childhood friend Bok Jae-in (Hwang Jung-eum) and his fellow prosecutor Jun Ji-hoo (Lee Tae-im).

SBS commented, “Kang Ji-hwan’s abilities makes him the best candidate for depicting the heavy themes in the drama, and of his contrast between a cold prosecutor and a hot-blooded seeker of justice and love with wit and humor”.

The drama ‘Money Incarnate’ will premiere on 2nd of February.

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