[News] Kevin Cheng On Opening His Own Production Studio: “There’s Zero Risk!”.

[News] Kevin Cheng On Opening His Own Production Studio: “There’s Zero Risk!”.
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Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has recently added production studio founder to his resume.
Investing money in his own production studio in mainland China, Kevin is currently working with his team of scriptwriters to develop a script for his first television drama.

Only now does he realize that the process from start to finish in making a series is so tedious. After coming up with the original premise of the script, Kevin asked his scriptwriters to develop a script. “After countless revisions, now then we are finally in the midst of choosing the final copy.”

The operation of the studio is not an easy task for Kevin who has always been on the forefront of a television show. Nonetheless, he takes it all in stride and enjoys working with his staff.  “The studio is the start of another aspect of my career. It is not going to be easy as this is new to me but I’ll just enjoy the process as I go. I have confidence in this investment as the risk is almost zero. I hope to be able to establish a good brand and achieve high ratings!”

Debt of Gratitude to Others

Pouring all his savings into the investment, Kevin was left with the need to carefully budget pay for the actors. No doubt his popularity had helped him pull a few strings. He said sheepishly, “I realize that actors’ wages take up the most portion of a film’s expenses. I must thank my actors who have agreed to accept a nominal fee; I owe them so much!”

With almost everything in place: the soon-to-be completed script, a set director, and actors from both China and Hong Kong all chosen, Kevin’s debut show is all ready to be put into action!

No matter how busy Kevin is at the studio, he still sets aside time to record for his new album, to be released in fall 2013. Now with so much work filling his mind, he hardly has time to go on a date. He said, “Ideally, I want to get married and have two children. But I have yet to meet someone suitable.”

Refuses to Respond to Lee Lik Chi’s Criticism

Hong Kong director, Lee Lik Chi (李力持), had openly criticized Kevin’s poor Mandarin skills and questioned whether the TV King was worth his reported astronomical filming fees in China.

Although Kevin was in France when the media interviewed director Lee Lik Chi, news spread fast and reached Kevin. He chose not to retaliate and only admitted, “I did read Director Lee’s script and rejected it,” leaving readers to make their own conclusion.

However, an insider source revealed that Kevin’s current market value was well beyond 300,000 RMB per episode.

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