[VOD & News] Who is Raymond Lam’s “BB”?

[VOD & News] Who is Raymond Lam’s “BB”?
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After winning JSG’s Most Popular Male Singer last weekend, Raymond Lam (林峯) said something in his acceptance speech that immediately caught the attention of fruitful Hong Kong tabloids.

The slightly-ill Raymond said, “After so many years of having the chances to stand on stage, I’ve never truly thanked my family. I hope to have the chance here to thank all the members of my family – my father, my mother, my young brother, my younger sister, my brother-in-law, BB, and uncle, auntie… every [family] member.”
Who is BB?

Yesterday, a report was published claiming that Raymond’s “BB” is in fact his rumored girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語), Raymond’s costar in the comedy film Love is… Pyjamas < 男人如衣服>. Thirty-three-year-old Raymond and 19-year-old Karena met on the set of the film last April, and sparks flew instantly. Allegedly, Karena broke up with Derek Lim, youngest son of previous Miss Hong Kong pageant runner-up Ellen Wong (王愛倫), in order to go out with Raymond.

Tabloids further claimed that Raymond and Karena are currently “half cohabiting,” claiming that Raymond even bought an $80,000 HKD-per month luxury condo for Karena on MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong Island, last September. It was reported that Raymond often stayed overnight in the MacDonnell flat with Karena.

Since the rumors of their alleged romance broke out last summer, Raymond and Karena have repeatedly denied their romantic involvement, but admitted that they are close friends that remain in frequent contact. Is this true, or just a cover-up?

Raymond Lam Thanks “BB” in Acceptance Speech

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