[News] Kim Nam Gil and Lee So Yeon photo shoot "The Track" of MBC MUSIC.

[News] Kim Nam Gil and Lee So Yeon photo shoot "The Track" of MBC MUSIC.
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Shining stars Kim Nam Gil and Lee So Yeon's sweet "two-shot" photo for their upcoming guesting in MBC's music talk show The Track became public. Working together in the same agency, Star J Entertainment, the two actors poses a heartwarming appearance for the public with bright smiles.

Lee So Yeon exudes purity with her one piece beige dress while Kim Nam Gil drew simple yet sexy appeal. "The Track" invites top celebrities featuring their life stories and memories.

Recently, for Lee So Yeon has served as the MC of "The Track" of MBC MUSIC, Kim Nam Gil has appeared as a guest. After the shooting was over, the two friends took a shot authentication.

Lee So Yeon and Kim Nam Gil is smiling brightly in the photo. Lee So Yeon was simple yet sexy appeal the appeal court in beige Kim Nam Gil also charm, neat in dress beige.

Top-class entertainer has appeared as a guest every week, talked about his life, in a music talk show to introduce the music of memories, "The Track" is broadcast every Thursday at 11 pm in Korea.

Entangled with a introduction to sensibility for music, the talk show will be broadcast on Thursdays at 11 PM. Other stars who were featured in the show were Jang Dong Gun, Cha Tae Hyun and Ahn.

We're now enthusiastically in the "birth" family SBS daily drama that clenching the meaning of family in the material is that Lee So Yeon adoption. Kim Nam Gil is preparing a massive fan tour to be held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, Japan.

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