[News] Kim Rae Won Comes to ‘Healing Camp’.

[News] Kim Rae Won Comes to ‘Healing Camp’.
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Actor Kim Rae Won has successfully finished recording his appearance on SBS’ Healing Camp.

Kim Rae Won was revealed to have recently finished recording for the popular talk show on SBS. A representative for Kim Rae Won shared that the actor was nervous as it was his first talk show appearance in a while but thanks to the show’s MCs, he was able to quickly adapt and share a lot of personal stories.

Since being released from his mandatory military service in 2011, the actor staged a successful comeback on the small screen with the drama A Thousand Day’s Promise and will soon be seen in the movie My Little Hero.

The actor’s last talk show appearance was in 2009 on MBC’s Kneedrop Guru and with much having happened in Kim Rae Won’s life since then, including his mandatory military service, many fans are wondering what sort of things the actor will share on Healing Camp.

His appearance on the show will air sometime in mid to late January.

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