[News] Lee Joon Gi comes back as a singer on January 29.

[News] Lee Jun Ki comes back as a singer on January 29.
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On January 29, Lee Joon Gi is to release his new album both in Korean and Japan, simultaneously.

Early on January 27, IMX that manages the actor reported that Lee’s new album which is scheduled to be released on January 29 was prepared with utmost secrecy.

About the album, the agency said, “It’s made for his fans and in our hope of becoming a small present for them. He recorded the album not intending it to give performances as a singer, but more like keeping his fan meeting tours entertained which are to be held in and outside the country.”

The title for his new album is “Case by Case” which is abbreviated as “CBC.” The title track is “Lost Frame” and reveals his intention to challenge himself to and enjoy many things, not restricting to one thing and become obsessed by it.

According to his agency, Lee has included many different genres such as ballad, rock, and electronic in the album, as well as new metal and hybrid in which hip hop, rock, and lyrical are effectively combined together.

The title song which is to be released in Japan is “Tonight.” It is a sweet love song written by Lee Joon Gi in which he hops that the love-at-first-sight would come true.

For now, the star is revising thoroughly on the selecting his next work. Last year, he appeared in MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate that closed in October.

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