[News] "Lost In Thailand" reaches 1 billion.

[News] "Lost In Thailand" reaches 1 billion.
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5 Jan – It was revealed that mainland sleeper hit, "Lost In Thailand" has broken CNY 1 billion mark (app. USD 160 million) on New Year's Day. 

According to Groove Asia, after 21 days of release, the movie successfully reached the 1 billion mark in sales, creating a new box office record for Chinese films.

Actor Wang Baoqiang received the news with utmost enthusiasm, saying, "I really am 'Thai' happy! Thank you everyone for supporting national films! Being the first Chinese film to break the mark, this is a good omen, that there's more to come."

Director Xu Zheng, who made his directorial debut with "Lost In Thailand", also revealed his happiness, saying, "Despite being always calm, I actually still have a strand of joy. On the first day of this year, I hope everyone would share this joy with me. The real miracle belongs to China film viewers."

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